Remodeling your kitchen is a complicated process. From picking out the right materials that will last and look awesome, to doing the job right – with love and personal touch – Baruch will do the job like your kitchen is his own.

If any retaining walls need to be moved, or floor plan changed, the work will be done with local permits and in accordance with Mass building code.

All plumbing and electrical work are done by licensed professionals that have been working with Baruch for the past 20+ years.

We offer a wide range of Granite, Quartz and Corian/Silestone countertops, and the highest quality kitchen cabinets. We use solid wood facing with 3/4″ plywood frame cabinets. No fall-aparticle(aparticle the word doesn’t exist) board, that will self destruct in just a few short years!

We work with you to create a perfect layout of your kitchen, while staying in budget.

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